CARACLE-S won Suzuka 4h.
old lighthouse in the Sakai old port
Customed CARACLE-S at the seaside road
Customed CARACLE-S at the Okawa port in Wakayama
Custumed CARACLE-S in Mt. Katsuragi
Shirarahama in Shirahama with CARACLE-S
Goseong Korea
Mozu-Hachiman shrine in Sakai
customed CARACLE-S on the Mt. Norikura
sky on water surface with customed CARACLE-S
Morning park with customed CARACLE-S
Customed CARACLE-S at the side of Yamatogawa river
Customed CARACLE-S in a following wind
Giouji in kyoto with CARACLE-S
a fine view of Nokono-shima island from Odo park
CARACLE-COZ on The Jusan-touge
Sea side in Awaji island
Goseong Korea
Goseong Korea
Business trip with CARACLE-S
front of Tsuno-shima island with CARACLE-S
village on the mountain beyond customed CARACLE-S
CARACLE-S in the Suzuka circuit
Rinko caster for CARACLE-S
CARACLE-S in suitcases
Tarinbag for CARACLE-S
front of Engetsu-to island in Shirahama with CARACLE-S
Rinko at the station
Customed CARACLE-S in early winter
beside the Fujisaki weir with customed CARACLE-S
Trainbag for CARACLE-S
hydrangea with customed CARACLE-S
Koya-kaido in Kawachi-nagano with customed CARACLE-S
Fuke-ko station with CARACLE-S
Goseong Korea
Doso-shin in Mt. Katsuragi with customed CARACLE-S
Customed CARACLE-S at the Minekata pass
CARACLE-COZ in Yokohama
CARACLE-S in Tondabayashi Jinaimachi
CARACLE-S in the Suzuka circuit
Big snowy valley in front of customed CARACLE-S
Customed CARACLE-S at Kada in Wakayama
training at the juhsan pass by team CARACLE
Norikura hillclimb
Customed CARACLE-S in All Japan Mountain Cycling in NORIKURA 2016
customed CARACLE-S front of the horyuji temple
CARACLE-S in Tondabayashi Jinaimachi
Sea side in Awaji island
the Ishibutai in Asuka and CARACLEs
Wofuzu brige on Kino-kawa River with customed CARACLE-S
Suzuka Enduro in fall 2017
Customed CARACLE-S at the side of Kinokawa river
CARACLE-COZ in Yokohama
CARACLE-S, light house and sunset

A challenge to folding bicycles


160317_133252r3As the interest in health and the environment increases, more people enjoy riding bicycles as a sport.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, bicycles gained attention because it does not need fuel, and is not affected by road conditions. At the time, bicycles were very useful as a means of transport.

In this social situation, a group of craftsmen called TECHONE decided to challenge to folding bicycle as a next step.

Bicycles handy and easy to carry about will make our activity ranges wider with the assistance of public transportation.

However, there are still problems in the current folding bicycles for example, some of them are too big to carry even though expensive, take a long time to fold up because of the too many joints, and lack of traveling performance as a drawback.

After all, most of the owners don’t fold it up, and use as MINIVELO.

We TECONE make real folding bicycles. “Compact” “Lightweight” “Performance” Above all, folding bicycles should be easily folded up. CARACLE-S is the first real folding bike in the world that can be folded within 20-inch tire size, and it is our first step. Please keep paying attention so that you can see our second step.


CARACLE-S product infomationCARACLE-S product infomation


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