What’s CARACLE [Englidh]


CaracalOur brand name “CARACLE” has two etymologys.

One of etymologys is “Caracal”. Carnivorous animal of the cat family, “Caracal” jumps 3 meters (10 feets) high to catch birds. CARACLE runs smoothly and can be folded smaller in a short time like Caracal.

KarakuriAnother etymologys is “Karakuri“. A word “Karakuri” that is made by Japanese craftsmen who have excellent craftsmanship and imaginations.

Folding bicycle resembles “Karakuri”, because of compact size mechanism with high function.


CARACLE-SWe have the respect for ancient craftmen. Our brand name charged with determination to create the folding bicycles which the world was surprised.

“Names and natures do often agree”. We shall create products with high function and unique in the name of “CARACLE”.

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